Resigning Saves without Xploder

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Resigning Saves without Xploder

Post  admin on Sun Jun 02, 2013 3:23 pm

Hello Guys Today I am Going To Tell You How To Resign Any Ps3 Game Saves Without Xploder The Easy Way

Download Link
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(Step 1) Download This Link And Install it (Just To Make it easy to reign any save without puting your gamesave everytime to
resign any game)

(Step 2) Click To Profiles, And Write Anything On Profile Name Example Write Ur PSN ID And Then Click Load From Param.SFO, Load Your Param.SFO of any game And Then Click Add New Profile

(Step 3) Now Click Open And Select Single GameSave And Select The Save Folder u want to resign And Click Ok

(Step 4) Click Load From And Select Existing Profile Click on The Profile U Made on step 2 And Click X

(Step 5) If the Game Ur Resigning is from US and You from EU Then Look Under Region For Example Its like this BLUS31029 and Your Game is BLES01708 Then Just Clear it and Write BLES01708

(Step 6) Click Resign, Now Your Done Resigning Your Save Congratulations Smile


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